E stablished in the year 2013, PRIMO GELATO is the seed of 10 years experience, a continuation of Jordan’s Leading Gelato Manufacturer. PRIMO GELATO is designed to become a Leading Gelato Manufacturer in the GCC region and carry on the success of its sister company in Jordan.

PRIMO GELATO Factory was carefully designed to partner with only the very best. With a strict attention to details, a vast knowledge of the product, PRIMO GELATO nor produces the region’s best Gelato Falvours. Our Team was trained by the world’s top Italian Chefs, our raw material is finely selected to produce the highest quality gelato.

  • Our factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery.
  • We operate under ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP guidlines.
  • We have a prompt delivery services.
  • Our Ice Cream taste so delicious.

Our goal is to support your business and boost your profits; we realize this is a mutual goal! Therefore, our experienced team will work with you to support all of your extra needs of customized flavours, marketing support, staff training and more!


“PRIMO GELATO is a business driven company seeking long-term growth and prosperity, to become world-class International Brand Name for the Gelato Industry”.


“To delivery safe and cost effective quality products and services to meet customers’ needs and expectations”.


Our objective is to satisfy our customers with highest quality Gelato which is manufactured, assembled and prepared within the company; to achieve this objective we:

  • Hire qualified, energetic and professional personnel capable of ensuring proper execution of our quality objectives.
  • Obtain and use resources only of the highest quality.
  • Implement operating procedures that guarantee full implementation of quality objectives.
  • Provide staff with training and conducive working environment to allow them to succeed in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, therefore we acquire outside know-how-expertise when needed to assist improving its method and work procedures.
  • Commit to continually improve our management system through implementation of and complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems and HACCP system for safety which covers all the company’s operations and applies to all company’s personnel.